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Connie Smith

Connie Smith has been with Century 21 Coast to Coast in Clearwater Beach since early 2004.  Every agent has their own way of doing business.  Some have teams, which in a sense, are like production lines.  Each member of the team has their own part of the transaction to do from one doing to the listing to another handling the negotiating.

Connie’s business model is based on personalized service.  That means you will see and deal with her throughout the transaction. Connie has never missed attending either a buyer’s inspection or a closing.  She is there to oversee the transaction from start to finish. Because of that, Connie doesn’t work 15 or 20 transactions at one time, she works a manageable amount in order to offer the high quality service that your trust and loyalty deserve.

Buying a home can be a stressful time for both buyers and sellers. Connie’s goal is to make the transaction as smooth as possible from start to finish.   Find out how Connie can help you with either the sale of your home and/or in assisting to find you your next home.  Call 727-638-2178 today.

Kara Thomas

Kara Thomas is a newer agent, licensed since August of 2017.  She has teamed up with Connie Smith, her mother, to learn the real estate business.  Having been around the business for years — and previously working as an assistant — she does have a head start on other new agents.  In addition, Kara has a deep interest in environmental issues, especially in construction, and is working toward a bachelor’s degree in sustainability management. Contact Kara at 727-434-0741.